Jim Earl

December 10, 2008, 12:10 am
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Noms de plume and guerre

This is and will be suppleMental.

Casually clued in to casey’s delinquency the class was clutching to its cluster as though all the weight was there upon it.  Waiting in the hallway the collaboration between clarity and timeliness was clinched.  Calmly, clever Clayton made off.

Clubs could not encumber this cummerbund.  He clip clopped along: a crumb in a cubist’s picnic basket. Careening and curious he was the cure for so many cumulus days curating dust neath the comforter.  Comeuppance would come early this year.  Curiosity claimed bigger game than cats just this week.  Cowlick and all: curly-cued and covered in cognitive pageantry, and quite convinced the cue had come to carry-on.